Now that we have introduced e-bikes to our fleet, we thought it would be useful to recommend some routes to try them out on. Even though these routes are uphill, you won’t break a sweat thanks to the convenient pedal-assist feature boasted by our electric-powered two wheelers!


So grab a friend or two, pick up some passes, rent some e-bikes and enjoy these uphill routes! Always remember that it is mandatory to wear a helmet while riding an e-bike, according to the Highway Traffic Act (HTA)




Yonge St / St Claire Ave to Eglinton


We know, we know… How can you possibly even attempt this journey on two wheels, right? Well, with an e-bike, it’s a breeze! Pick up a bike at our 1451 Yonge St station, just north of the Yonge and St Clair intersection, and head uphill. After just a few seconds, you’ll feel the pedal-assist kick in!



Feel free to stop by any of 4 stations en route to Yonge and Eglinton, such as our Yonge and Davisville station – conveniently located besides a subway stop with quick access to the downtown core. Have a quick break and grab a drink or bite to eat at any of the coffee houses and restaurants along the way. Or, wait until you get to our Roehampton and Yonge St station (featured in this month’s Station Spotlight blog) and browse the Yonge-Eglinton Centre shopping mall.




Hospital Corridor


Start this route at either of our Front St W / University Ave stations beside the world-famous Union Station in the heart of downtown before heading north onto University Avenue. Boasting an incline of more than 25 metres total, this route isn’t for the faint-hearted cyclist. However, with the help of pedal-assist, it’s barely noticeable.



With plenty of stations (and restaurants, coffee shops and stores!) en route, there are tons of opportunities to dock your bike and enjoy the wonders that downtown Toronto has to offer. The bike lanes running from Bloor St to Adelaide on University Avenue make this journey particularly enjoyable and safe for riders. End your trip at our University Ave / College St E station and perhaps take a stroll around the scenic Queens Park.




Bloor St to Davisville via Mount Pleasant Rd


Pick up a bike at the base of Mount Pleasant Rd at our Bloor St E and Huntley St station and climb north. With very few opportunities to dock along this route, it would only be for the fittest of cyclists if not for e-bikes!


Continue uphill until you reach our Merton St / Mount Pleasant Rd station, just east of the Davisville subway station and enjoy everything this midtown neighbourhood has to offer, from parks to shopping and other amenities.



So, pick up a pass, grab an e-bike and take on one of these uphill routes today! Unlock a bike using the station kiosk or PBSC/CycleFinder app.


Learn more about e-bikes on our dedicated webpage now. It is mandatory to wear a helmet whilst riding an e-bike, according to the Highway Traffic Act (HTA).