August Member of The Month

This month, we welcome our member Ren who holds an Annual 45 Membership. Ren has fallen in love with Bike Share, integrating the system into her commuting and leisure habits as a way to navigate the city and to ride to transit. 


Meet Ren, 


What station do you consider to be your “home station”? Are there other stations that are key to your use patterns and helping you get around the city?

I live in downtown Toronto and I consider Spadina Ave/Blue jays way as my home station. The bike lane on Harbourfront is my favourite among all. I also use Bike Share from my home station to Union station to get to work or to take the subway.


What would you consider to be the “local gems” or spots you love to frequent in your community using Bike Share

My fav spots are Toronto Inukshuk park and HTO park where I bike the most from my home station. I go there to enjoy sunsets and an amazing lake view.


What do you love the most about using Bike Share and what value do you find in using the system?

Toronto roads have become busy to commute around using other modes of transportation after the pandemic. Toronto bike lanes and Bike Share make it easier to bike around for short distances.


What made you start riding with Bike Share?

Ever since I moved to downtown Toronto, I sold my car since I was rarely using it. I was looking for an easy and affordable option to travel around downtown with out spending too much time in traffic.



We’re so happy you’ve chosen to use Bike Share as part of your commuting patterns Ren! 



Explore Toronto and even try commuting with us! So, grab a pass, and happy riding. 


-Your Friends at Bike Share Toronto



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