Carlton + Parliament

Carlton St + Parliament St is found in the heart of Cabbagetown.

Deployed in June 2016, this bustling station has accumulated over 42,000 rides! Cabbagetown, like many Toronto neighbourhoods, has experienced a cultural and economic boom throughout the decades. Named after the early Irish settlers who grew vegetables on their front lawns in the 1800s, this area was once home to the families who worked on the industrialized waterfront and in the distillery. Transitioning from a working class neighbourhood to a mix of prosperous streets and middle class houses in the 19th century, the Great Depression saw the neighbourhood slide into a drastic decline. Fast forward to present day and the community has been completely revitalized. Boasting stunning victorian houses, a number of historical sites, restaurants galore and even an urban farm, this charming village has transformed into one of  Toronto’s most popular neighbourhoods.




Grab a bike and ride to our Carlton + Parliament Station to discover a piece of Toronto’s rich history. Take in Cabbagetown’s eclectic charm by checking these activities off your bucket list:


– Take a stroll in a residential enclave to admire the victorian architecture

– Indulge in authentic northern italian eats at F’Amelia 

– Get your caffeine fix at Jet Fuel, a refuge for coffee lovers and cyclists

– Enjoy a taste of farm life in the middle of the city at Riverdale Farm

– Don’t miss out on the community’s most anticipated event of the year, Cabbagetown Festival

– Discover some of the best thai food the city has to offer at Sukhothai

– Behold ornate stained glass windows, sculptures and distinct Victorian and gothic arches at the Toronto Necropolis 

– Go antiquing at Eclectisaurus or Spruce



Stay tuned for next month’s Station Spotlight. Who knows, we could feature your neighbourhood next!


– Your friends at Bike Share Toronto