Day Passes


Short-term passes are perfect for visitors and occasional riders.
Bike Share Toronto is an enjoyable and cost-effective way to get around town. Use it to commute to work, hop to a meeting, meet up with friends, or run an errand.

There are three short-term pass options:


  • $3.25 Single Trip (One-way trip) 
  • $7 Day Pass (24-hour access)
  • $15 3-Day Pass (72-hour access)


Passes include unlimited 30-minute rides. After 30 minutes overage fees apply, see chart below.

How to buy a pass

You can purchase a Single Trip, Day Pass or 3-Day Pass one of two ways:

Buy a pass at a station kiosk, follow the step-by-step instructions, unlock a bike, and return a bike.

Use the Transit App to buy passes and get ride codes to unlock bikes right from your phone. See Get the App for more information.


OVERAGE FEES: $4 for every extra 30 minutes.

For every trip exceeding 30 minutes, overage fees will accumulate at a rate of $4 per 30 minutes of trip time. To avoid an overage charge, before your 30 minute trip is up, dock the bike and unlock another to continue riding.