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December, 2020

Member of the Month

December, 2020


Member of the month


“Now where do I even begin! Let’s just start by saying, BikeShareTO is not a mode of transportation, but a lifestyle! I think every member can agree with this statement! It’s always there for you, wherever you need it, whenever you need it, and wherever you need to go! It gets you places faster than the TTC (try google mapping directions, it’s true!), gets your daily cardio in without it even feeling like a workout, and you will fall in love with Toronto all over again as you discover new paths & side streets you would’ve never taken without this bike! It has allowed me to re-discover Toronto from all 360° angles, always getting me to my destination on time! It’s reliable, cheap, fun, safe & easy to use in all seasons, like what reason is there *not* to use it!


– Crystal