December Member of The Month

Meet Jay, 



What station do you consider to be your “home station”? Are there other stations that are key to your use patterns and helping you get around the city?


The new station on Lisgar Park is my home station. It is really a life-saver because all the stations on Queen St W usually gets full so quickly. I love the station on Niagara St / Richmond St W as it’s near my workplace. There are so many docks at that station and usually available for use 24/7. Spadina Ave/ Sullivan St is also one of my favourites! I usually use it to get to my favorite restaurants and cafes in chinatown.



What would you consider to be the “local gems” or spots you love to frequent in your community using Bike Share


My “Local gems” would be Fix Coffee + bikes. You can get your morning coffee and be surrounded by cyclists. It’s really a community in there if you are looking for one. I can get there so quickly thanks to the Alma Ave/ Gladstone station right in the front of the cafe. My other “local gem” would be Pizzeria Badiali. I usually use my city bike and use the Queen St W / Douvercourt Road station to get there early and skip the long line up. 



What do you love the most about using Bike Share and what value do you find in using the system?


I appreciate the convenience, accessibility, and eco-friendly nature of the system. It offers an affordable and efficient way to navigate urban areas, promote sustainability, reduce traffic congestion, and provide a healthy means of transportation. Additionally, it helps contribute to a more active lifestyle and helps me save time and money on short-distance commutes.



What made you start riding with Bike Share Toronto?


My best friend introduced me to Bike Share Toronto. I used to do single bike trips but then I realized I can save SO MUCH money by getting an annual membership. It cost me $105 for a year so basically 30 cent per day for unlimited bike rides. It’s such a steal! A quick tip for all the students is to check if your institution is a part of Bike Share program for a 20% off. This was one thing that I wish I knew back then. 


-Your Friends at Bike Share Toronto



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