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We’re investing in our e-bike program as part of our Four-Year Growth Plan! We currently have over 1,800+ e-bikes in our system and a total of 14 new e-stations. By 2025 we plan to have an e-bike fleet of 2,000 + 100 more e-stations.


We can't wait to see you riding with us!


How to Locate an E-bike

Users can locate (and unlock via the mobile website!) e-bikes on the system map on the Bike Share Toronto website or via the PBSC app, which can be downloaded here.

Find a Bike Share Toronto e-bike on the app

Locate An E-bike On The System Map


  • Open on your desktop or mobile device or download the PBSC app (download links below) 
  • On the map screen, locate a station that has a black icon or lightening bolt, instead of a green icon (a black icon indicates the station contains an e-bike)
  • Click on the station to see how many available e-bikes are docked there

Frequently Asked Questions