Gerrard + Broadview



Centrally located in the core of East Chinatown is Gerrard St E + Broadview St Station.


Deployed on August 9, 2017, this SMART Station has already accumulated over 8,000 rides! Home to an incredibly diverse group of storefronts and one of Bike Share Toronto’s headquarters, this evolving neighbourhood has become a prime destination for fresh markets, authentic dim sum and delicious pho. As the community continues to grow, it welcomes an array of new small businesses, from cafes and restaurants to clothing stores. Combining traditional Chinese merchants with a youthful flare, East Chinatown is becoming a hub for activity.


Gerrard & Broadview Station Gerrard & Broadview Station


Looking to explore the neighbourhood? Grab a bike and ride to our Gerrard + Broadview Station to take advantage of some of Bike Share Toronto team’s East Chinatown favourites:


– Take advantage of our delicious November Member Perk at Soul Chocolate, located right in front of our station! Simply show your member card to enjoy a free chocolate shot with purchase of a chocolate bar.

– Indulge in a tasty, always fresh banh mi at Rose’s Vietnamese Sandwiches for only $3.50! Stop by around noon to catch the Bike Share team grabbing lunch.

– Music buffs will fall in love with Pop Music, a popular shop for records, band posters and vintage tees.

– If you’re hankering for a cheesy snack, Good Cheese has all of your charcuterie favourites along with ooey, gooey sandwiches.

– Pho House is the perfect spot for a hot bowl of soup on a chilly day.



Stay tuned for next month’s Station Spotlight. Who knows, we could feature your neighbourhood next!


– Your friends at Bike Share Toronto