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How to Buy a Pass

How to buy short term passes

Short-term passes are perfect for visitors, occasional riders and city explorers. There are three short-term pass options available:


  • $3.25 Single Trip (One-way trip) 
  • $7 Day Pass (24-hour access)
  • $15 3-Day Pass (72-hour access)


Enjoy unlimited 30-minute, station to station trips while your pass is active. Short term passes can be purchased in-person at a Bike Share Toronto kiosk or on your smartphone using CycleFinder/PBSC, the official app of Bike Share Toronto.

How to get Passes

How to Get Riding

  • Get riding with the PBSC/CycleFinder app
  • BUY

Purchase a pass at a station kiosk  or by downloading the CycleFinder/PBSC app. Register for an annual membership here.

  • Unlock with the PBSC/CycleFinder app

Receive a 5-digit code from the station kiosk upon purchase or via the CycleFinder/PBSC app. Enter your code into a dock with an available bike to unlock and ride.

  • Ride with Bike Share Toronto
  • Ride

Enjoy unlimited 30-minute, station-to-station trips while your pass is active. After 30 minutes, overage fees apply. Return your bike to any station citywide to end your trip.

  • Unlock, ride, dock, REPEAT
  • Repeat

To continue riding, request a new unlock code at a station kiosk by selecting "I Have a Pass" or through the CycleFinder/PBSC app by tapping a station on the map.

OVERAGE FEES: $4 for every extra 30 minutes.

For every trip exceeding 30 minutes, overage fees will accumulate at a rate of $4 per 30 minutes of trip time. To avoid an overage charge, before your 30 minute trip is up, dock the bike and unlock another to continue riding.