June Member of the Month

Introducing Bike Share Toronto’s Member of the Month for June! This avid user and Annual 30 member has mastered the art of beating city traffic by leveraging the Bike Share Toronto. With their unwavering commitment to eco-friendly commuting and swift navigation through bustling streets, they embody the true spirit of urban mobility.


Hi Kirsty, 


What station do you consider to be your “home station”? Are there other stations that are key to your use patterns and helping you get around the city?

My home station is Front St E/Cherry St, it’s literally less than a 5 min walk from my apartment so super convenient! I live at the end of the 504 Streetcar and I’ve actually found that cycling is 10 times faster so instead of using the streetcar east and west I always cycle. So other stations I use weekly or daily are King St E/Victoria St and 457 King St W – highly recommend cycling King for sure!


What would you consider to be the “local gems” or spots you love to frequent in your community using Bike Share

So the big thing for me and my husband is we live down near the Waterfront and The Martin Goodman trail. So whether we just need fresh air, cycling along the trail or to be practical, we’ve found this a much quicker, and nicer way to get around the city using this trail! That and literally a 5-10min cycle there is a Loblaws and Farmboy on that route so we always do our weekly food shops down there with a backpack and bag in the front caddy.


What do you love the most about using Bike Share and what value do you find in using the system?

Where I can, I’ll cycle and one of the best things I’ve found with the Bike Share is using it to get around the city when roads and bus routes are closed. There is nothing more satisfying that overtaking a string of backed up cars or streetcars – it’s actually hilarious. That and I also line to run the city. There was a situation in winter I ran a bit to far in -15C, I stopped to take a few photos and cooled down a bit too much – instead of running home as my knee was actually sore, I grabbed a bike and pedalled as hard as I could to get back, it really saved me that day!

Also when there’s a race on in Toronto that I’ve signed up to, the best way to get there and back has always been by bike – the amount of time I’ve saved by cycling instead of waiting on other public transit or cars has been the best part of the system for me.


What made you start riding with Bike Share?

I decided to try a membership during covid, we just moved to where we live now and I wanted to avoid using public transit as much as possible so thought this was a good option. That and in general I wanted to be more environmentally conscious so it was either buying a bike or trying Bike Share. I had so many friends have their bikes stolen downtown so I didn’t want to chance it and now 4 years later, I definitely made the right choice! Not needing to worry about chaining a bike or the maintenance, I can just grab a bike, go and dock with zero hassle, it really is the best way to get around Toronto – rain or shine!


-Your Friends at Bike Share Toronto



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