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Bike Share Toronto Members 


Bike Share Toronto is moving payment processors, from Global Payments to Moneris, to streamline back end operations and fuel future payment innovations.


We only have 20% of members left to convert! To ensure your system-access is uninterrupted, we have extended the deadline for our members to resubmit their credit card information.


To ensure your system-access is uninterrupted while moving to the Moneris platform, we require our members to resubmit their credit card information on our website or via CycleFinder/PBSC. If you haven’t updated your account, please take a moment to login and re-enter your billing information to continue riding without service interruption.


*You will not be charged as a result of this payment processor change. You are simply re-entering your billing information on your account.*


Security and privacy are always a priority at Bike Share Toronto which is why we partner with trusted payment processors like Global Payments and Moneris to handle sensitive credit card data on our behalf. Your credit card data is never shared with Bike Share Toronto or any third party; it is safely protected by our trusted payment processors.



Got Questions? You May be Asking:

Updating Your Account


1) Log in to your Bike Share Toronto account.


2) Select 'Billing' and scroll down to 'Edit Billing Information.'


3) Re-enter your billing information and click save.