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November Updates

NEW Stations

  • Kingston Rd / Warden Ave
  • Ridgemoor Ave / Kingston Rd 
  • Sharpe St / Park St (Sandown Park) 
  • Pharmacy Ave / Danforth Ave
  • Danforth Ave / Warden Ave 
  • Eglinton Ave W / Prospect Cemetery
  • Eglinton Ave W / Gilbert Ave
  • Rogers Rd / Prospect Cemetery
  • Bert Robinson Park
  • Marlee Ave / York Beltline Trail
  • Eglinton Ave W / Ennerdale Rd
  • Bloor St W / Old Mill Trail
  • Wendover Rd / Bloor St W
  • Willingdon Blvd / Bloor St W
  • Lakeshore Blvd W
  • 36 Park Lawn Rd
  • Walter Saunders Park
  • Park Lawn Rd / Berry Rd
  • Tobermory Dr / Finch Hydro Recreational Trail 


Station Adjustments

  • Soho St / Queen St W station had 3 docking paves removed due to construction. The remaining docking paves are being relocated 1 meter north.
  • Danforth Ave / Sibley Ave station has been removed and relocated to Luttrell Ave / Danforth Ave to improve bike share operations and minimize impacts to the Danforth bikeway. 
  • The Royal Ontario Museum station had 2 paves removed to the west side of the station to make room for the bus stop.
  • Ted Rogers Way / Bloor St E station has been extended by one pave, back to its original size. 


Station Relocations

  • Bloor St W / Indian Rd station has been removed due to development and relocated to a new home at Howard Park / Parkside Dr.