Cycling in Toronto is one of the most common forms of transportation. And contrary to common thoughts on winter riding, we are here to show you that cycling is possible and enjoyable all year round! 


Here are 5 tips and tricks to keep you moving with Bike Share this winter.



#1 – LAYER UP 


Much like when you go outside on any winter day, it is important to dress warmly and for the weather. Layers are a fool-proof way to keep warm when planning to hop on a bike on a cold day. This way, as you warm up while you ride, you can unzip or remove layers as needed. 

Gloves or mittens are a must! You want to ensure your hands are not exposed as you cruise down the street. Even on the warmer winter days, the breeze on your hands can be pretty uncomfortable, and you run a high risk of frostbite. 

A hat or earmuffs are also a valuable accessory. Something small and lightweight that can fit under your helmet, but also keep your ears covered from the cold.





When cycling in the winter, there is typically a purpose behind the effort you put into getting outside and hopping on a bike. Whether you are commuting to work, or just out for some exercise, it is important to plan your route ahead of time for an easy and safe ride. 

We all know that snow in Toronto is inevitable, and the City of Toronto has made a commitment to create a network of cycling snow routes. This sets higher standards for snow plowing, salting, and snow removal of these specific routes. 

Bike Share Toronto stations can be found along these routes, and make it easy for you to plan your trip around the city.



Source: City of Toronto – Cycle Routes Snow Removal




When planning your winter riding gear, make your outfit seen! The days are now shorter and darker, so you want to wear bright colours and reflectors to be visible while on the road.

Bike Share Toronto Bikes are equipped with reflective tape, and front and back flashing lights, but it’s good practice to have some extra reflective gear!





Winter months can bring forth a lot of unpredictable weather. From snow and slush, to freezing rain and black ice, there are a lot of things to consider when biking in these conditions.

Slow down and ride carefully. We advise not slamming on the brakes, or making any sharp turns. Roads can be slippery even if they don’t appear to be.






Did you know that Bike Share Toronto operates year round? With 6,850 bikes and 625 stations spread across 20 of the 25 wards throughout the city, it is easy to grab a bike and get riding any time of year. Enjoy the sweet benefits of bikeshare:


  • A way to avoid traffic – and maybe even move faster than traffic!
  • A really cost effective transit option – grab a pass for as little at $3.25 or become an annual member for less than $10/month!
  • Lower your carbon footprint – let’s work together to be nice to the environment!
  • Avoid damage and upkeep of your own bike – our team of skilled bike mechanics will do the maintenance and checks for you!
  • Help you stay active!


Our bikes are maintained year round to ensure they are able to take you from A to B safely. Each bike has a rear fender that helps to keep the slush from splashing up and on you. They also have thick studded tires that help maneuver through tough weather conditions.

Ready to get riding? Download the PSBC app now to find a station near you!


Share your winter riding pics with us, using hashtag #BikeTO – we love to see who’s navigating the streets of Toronto with Bike Share!


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