Back to School with Bike Share Toronto


It’s that time of year! Post-secondary students have returned to Toronto to kick-off the school year


We couldn’t be happier to welcome students and faculty back to the streets of Toronto. Celebrate back-to-school with Bike Share Toronto.  Bike Share Toronto is an affordable, flexible and FUN way to navigate the city – and it’s ONLY $99 for an Annual Membership! Sign-up for Annual Membership for less than 30 cents a day to enjoy unlimited 30-minute, station-to-station trips all year long.




Whether you’re navigating between classes, de-stressing after an exam, keeping a tight budget or looking to try something new, Bike Share Toronto is a wonderful transportation option for students, faculty and campus staff! Discover five reasons why a Bike Share Toronto Annual Membership is a back to school must-have.


Explore Toronto

Moving downtown? New to Toronto? Looking to explore? There’s no better way to discover Toronto than by bike. With stations spanning 100 square kilometres of the city, you can get to the Toronto’s most popular destinations on two wheels. Stations at the CN Tower? Check! What about the ROM? Sure do! High Park? Of course! Get a membership and get to know Toronto with us.




Quick Trips

Unlock a bike and save time commuting to and from class! With 465 stations and 5,000 bikes, riding with us is a convenient, fun and efficient to navigate the city. Whether you’re heading to a lecture, going to the library or meeting friends for a night on the town, Bike Share Toronto makes getting where you need to go quick and easy!


trinity bellwoods



Living on a student budget in the city can be challenging. Biking with us is a cost-effective transit option for navigating the city. With Annual Memberships priced at $99 – that’s less than 30¢ a day! – getting to your destination in Toronto has never been more affordable. Grab a membership and start saving!


graffiti alley


Stress Reliever 

We all know how stressful the school year can get! Looking for a healthy way to unwind? Adding active transportation, like biking, into your daily routine is a wonderful way to relax, relieve stress and, most importantly, feel happy.  By increasing levels of serotonin, dopamine and brain-derived neurotrophic factor, cycling is a proven mood stabilizer. Grab a pass and explore the unique mental health benefits biking has to offer.




No Need to Pack a Bike

The best part of bike share for students? You don’t need to worry about moving your own bicycle to Toronto! Moving and storing your own bike for the year in residence or student housing can be tricky. Spaces are compact, you’re sharing a home with roomies and you don’t want to leave your ride outside for the year. Don’t worry, Bike Share Toronto to the rescue! Do your roommates a favour – grab an Annual Membership and leave your bike at your parents’ house.









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