Bike Share Toronto is Growing! How Will This Help Your Ride?


Bike Share Toronto is taking the city by storm with new stations popping up all over! Our busy teams have been hard at work behind the scenes, installing new stations for 2023 expansion in line with the Four-Year Growth Plan. 


With our dedication to fostering more inter-city connection, we are densifying existing wards, and filling in system gaps with more stations, making strides towards our ultimate goal: spreading two-wheeled love to all 25 wards in the city! 


So, what can you expect this year to help you travel around Toronto?




Growing The Fleet + More Electrification


Bike Share Toronto’s  for 2023 – including  further electrifying the system – are well underway This year alone, we will introduce a whopping 1,300 new e-bikes into the network, 900 of which have already hit the streets this summer.


Looking ahead, our vision continues; by 2025, our fleet will consist of 2,000 e-bikes, another step in our commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable Toronto.


It’s easy to spot one of our new e-bikes, they are fully orange in colour and can be located by looking for the lightning bolt icon on the system map.




Expanding Our Footprint + Entering Into New Wards 



So far this year, we have installed 40 out of the 110 designated stations outlined in the Four Year Growth Plan. This strategic approach not only broadens the network’s coverage but also ensures that more Torontonians can enjoy the convenience of bike-sharing in their communities.


Ward 1 (Etobicoke North) and Ward 18 (Willowdale) are the two new areas of expansion planned for this year.


In addition, Bike Share Toronto is continuing to densify existing Wards such as tripling the number of stations in Ward 20 (Scarborough-Southwest) and Ward 5 (York South-Weston) in 2023.





More Bikes Available at TTC Subway Stations

Exciting news for Toronto commuters and cycling enthusiasts! Bike Share Toronto is gearing up to enhance our city’s bike-sharing experience by expanding its dock supply at 6 TTC subway stations! This initiative aims to make the service even more accessible and convenient for Torontonians, by providing additional  connectivity for first/last mile transportation. Whether you’re a daily commuter looking for a sustainable and efficient way to connect to public transit, these new docking stations will be a game-changer. You can expect to see Bike Share Toronto at these stations in 2023:


  • Lansdowne
  • Warden
  • Finch
  • Davisville
  • Islington
  • Glencairn



Expanding Connection to Scarborough  

Bike Share Toronto is taking a significant step towards expanding its reach and connectivity with an ambitious plan to link the stations located in Scarborough to the core system. This exciting development involves the installation of new stations along Kingston Rd, effectively bridging the gap to Scarborough and making cycling a more accessible transportation option for Scarborough residents. 


The expansion doesn’t stop there. Between 2023 and 2025, Bike Share Toronto has slated a whopping 34 additional stations in Scarborough-Southwest, making it easier than ever for residents in this area to enjoy the benefits of bike sharing.




Building Connection Across Highway 401 


One of the last and most exciting developments in 2023 expansion is to establish a series of bike-sharing stations along the picturesque Humber River Recreational Trail. This initiative will not only provide riders with a scenic route but also bridge the gap by connecting bike share users seamlessly across Highway 401. 


As we look at an exhilarating year of expansion and growth in 2023, we invite our riders and fellow Torontonians to be part of the exciting journey with us. With lots of exciting developments on the horizon, our goal is to build the best bike-sharing program in North America and a bigger and better Bike Share Toronto! 


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