Let us help you save stress and money on your commute


Skip the Gas Pump and Swap 4 Wheels for 2!




Slowly but surely, many of us are heading back to the office. Whether you’re in full-time or just a few days a week, we are starting to think about how we are commuting again…which may include sitting in rush hour traffic. Well, Toronto, we’re here to help you out with your “return to office” – introducing Bike Share Toronto’s Corporate Membership Program that will get you and your team riding at a discounted rate! So say GOOD-BYE to blocked lanes, stalled cars, and construction and instead say HELLO to a greener, more convenient and feel-good commute.


We bet you may have questions about this membership, so we’ll try and answer them before you have to ask!


For Companies and Riders That Have Already Signed-Up


First off, WELCOME! We’re so excited to have you join us on two wheels.


For Companies and Riders Wanting to Join our Corporate Membership Program


Anyone interested in getting enrolled in our Corporate Membership Program can have their HR, Program Director, or Wellness Coordinator sign-up their company so we can learn a little more about your team. They will then hear back from a Bike Share Toronto rep in 2-5 business days with enrollment’s next steps.


Until December 31, in conjunction with the City of Toronto’s “Return to Office” campaign, we are offering 20% off an Annual 30 or Annual 45 membership when your company signs up, with NO financial obligations to your company. For those companies looking to give a little more incentive as employees get back to the office or just to add another work-perk, we also have a second option to subsidize memberships beyond 20%… up to 100%! So all you have to do is make the first move on a path to savings and a greener commute by signing up your company today. Let Bike Share Toronto take care of the rest!



Change how you commute with a Bike Share Toronto bike, and change the way you work. Maybe you’ll skip the zoom meeting and ride to a meeting at a local café over a coffee (not made at home!), or even meet up with co-workers to celebrate the end of the workweek. Pedal to the patio! Feel good knowing that you’re taking steps towards a more active lifestyle and spending quality time on a bike share bike.


Still, want to learn more about our membership options or have a few questions? Don’t sweat it! You can read more about it on our new Corporate Membership page or contact us we’ll be happy to help.


See you in the bike lane!


-Your Friends at Bike Share Toronto

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