Give the Gift of Biking this Holiday Season




Shopping for that special someone? Give a gift that keeps on giving with Bike Share Toronto. Whether your loved one is a Toronto local, commuter, student, adventure seeker or anything in between, an Annual Membership is a must-have.


Discover five reasons why a Bike Share Toronto gift card is the perfect present.


Gift Card


One Year of Giving


What makes a Bike Share Toronto gift card a unique present? Unlike other gifts, an Annual Membership gift cards provides your friends and family with an entire year of enjoyment! The lucky recipients of our gift cards get unlimited 30 minute, station-to-station trips for 365 days. Give your loved ones a gift with long term benefits with a Bike Share Toronto gift card.



Both Fun and Practical 


A Bike Share Toronto Annual Membership is the best of both worlds – both fun to use and practical to have. Whether your special someone is an adventure-seeker looking to explore the city or a commuter needing to beat the traffic, an Annual Membership makes getting where you need to go convenient, flexible and fun.


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Supports Green Initiatives


Give a gift that gives back! Did you know that most of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions comes from road transportation? Encouraging others to trade their car for a bike or shared mobility is an easy way to go green. Help lower your friends’ and family’s carbon footprint with an Annual Membership gift card.


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Protects Your Friends’ Wheels


Sand, salt and grit corrode bikes – destroying suspension and gears. Don’t let your pals ruin their favourite set of wheels while biking in winter. Instead, let them ride with Bike Share Toronto! With a heavy frame, wide tires, bells and lights, our bikes make for the perfect stead to accompany your loved ones on their winter rides.


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A Cost-Effective Option


Looking to give a high value gift at a lower price point? An Annual Membership gift card costs only $100 – that’s less than 30 cents per day! The cherry on top? You even help your special someone save money on daily transportation. It certainly is a win-win gift.


Bike Share Toronto Valentine's Day




Skip the socks this year – give your loved ones a gift that they want and need!


Get your Bike Share Toronto gift cards here


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