Let’s Talk E-Bikes and Charging!



As you may have noticed, Bike Share Toronto has begun to roll out pedal-assisted electrical bikes (e-bikes). By 2025, we plan to have a total of 2,000 e-bikes in the fleet, as well as 100+ charging stations (“e-stations”), with e-bikes accounting for about ⅕ of the total Bike Share fleet.


As you might expect, since these bikes are battery and motor powered, the way that Bike Share Toronto operates them is a bit different.


For instance, you may notice that some e-bikes, while docked at a station, show a “red light” on the left side of the dock, which, with most non-electric Bike Share bikes, usually means the bike is out of service for maintenance or repair. 

While this may be the case with some e-bikes, in most cases, it means that the e-bike has a low battery charge (less than 20%), and needs charging.

Only a few stations have charging capabilities at this time. These stations will lock e-bikes and display a “red light” on the dock while charging, and will only be released once they have been fully charged.


If you see an e-bike docked at a regular, non-charging, station with a red light, it may mean that the e-bike’s battery has fallen below a 20% charge. These e-bikes will remain locked, until they are swapped out by the Bike Share Toronto team for recharging. 


Bike Share wants to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience when using our new e-bikes. For any inquires around e-bike, please contact our customer service team at customerservice@bikesharetoronto.com 


– Your Friends at Bike Share Toronto 

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