More bikes and stations for Bike Share Toronto


3,750 bikes accross 360 stations is the new norm for Bike Share Toronto


With the exciting 2018 program expansion, the Bike Share Toronto system now spans 75 square kilometers! As we see a 51% growth in ridership over the last year, adding 1000 bikes and 90 new stations to the system is what we’ve been working on delivering over the course of this summer; It’s a big job and we’re happy to do it! So far in 2018, our members and users have biked over 4.53 million kilometers with Bike Share Toronto!






Broadening into new neighbourhoods, Bike Share Toronto now has stations in the following city pockets:


  • Davenport Village
  • Deer Park
  • Chaplin Estates
  • North Toronto
  • Playter Estates
  • East York
  • The Beach
  • Port Lands
  • Lower Don Lands


Bike Share Toronto System Map - Sept 4


All neighbourhoods and station locations are in real-time on our System Map.


Official 2018 Expansion announcement on August 15, 2018 here.


Are you part of the movement in mobility?


Transportation that uses a form of energy produces carbon. Choosing biking as a method of transportation contributes to offsetting the carbon that is emitted into the atmosphere. To date in 2018, the collaborative of our Bike Share members and users have contributed to offsetting 1.88 million pounds of CO2! Less carbon being released into the universe is one step closer to making a difference in global warming.


An Annual Membership costs $99, see Pricing, which breaks down to less than $0.30/day for 24/7 access to bikes 365 days a year.



Adding biking to your commute, could…


  • Give you control on the total time it takes you to get to where you need to go in the city; no more waiting!
  • Offer a cost-effective way to commute; whether it be the full distance or the last mile of your commute
  • Leave some commuting frustrations behind, as you navigate the city in the bike lane
  • Be part of the movement towards sustainable living for the good of our local and global footprint


Above all logistical reasons…hey!…getting in your daily exercise is a big bonus! Be a part of the thousands of members and users who have burned a total of more than 120.7 million calories to date in 2018 from all the riding with Bike Share Toronto!


Signing off on a fun note…


With so many more bikes in the system, have you spotted The Canadiana and Single Trip Bikes? Or docked at the Single Trip station at Bay and Front? Take the Raccoon for a ride!


Hope to see you in the bike lane. Keep Riding, Toronto!





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