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Unlock a Bike with the Quick Scan of a QR Code



A faster way to unlock a bike and get riding with the CycleFinder app!


Riders can unlock and go easier than ever with QR Codes. Available on the CycleFinder app, users can conveniently scan a bike’s QR code to release a bike. Riders now have the option of unlocking a bike one of 4 ways:


Bike Share Toronto how to unlock

1. Scan a QR code for immediate release from docking point

2. Request a digital code from the CycleFinder app and input it into the number pad on the left side of the docking point

3. Request a printed code from the kiosk and input it into the number pad on the left side of the docking point

4. Insert an annual member key into the key slot on the left side of the docking point



How to Unlock a Bike with QR Codes


1. To get started, download CycleFinder to your smartphone.  Login with your existing Bike Share Toronto account or purchase a pass to create an account.

2. Locate a station near you with available bikes on the system map.

3. Tap the QR icon to scan a bike’s QR Code. 

4. Receive an unlock confirmation via CycleFinder and a green light from the bike’s dock to unlock and RIDE.

5. Enjoy unlimited 30-minute, station to station trips while your pass is active. Return your bike to any station to complete your ride.



CycleFinder QR Codes



Riding with the CycleFinder App


In addition to QR Codes, CycleFinder enables riders to plan their trip from start to finish. Whether you’re a member or pass holder, discover station locations, track bike inventory, locate available docks and unlock bikes in real time. Ride Toronto using your smartphone with CycleFinder. Download CycleFinder  today to access Bike Share Toronto on-the-go! 


CycleFinder download


Ready to unlock and ride? Discover the city on two wheels with these popular routes.

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