How Bike Share Can Help you Travel The City


Your ultimate guide to taking advantage of Bike Share this summer.



Hey Bike Share Toronto Community, we’ve made it through the cold and snow (hopefully for good this time) and have exciting things in store this month! Summer is officially here and with it, double-digit temperatures, sunshine, and new adventures to be had by bike! There is no better time than now to take advantage of the Pay As You Go Pass and the new Day Pass, which offer more flexibility and choice for riders to sight see and explore. 


With free ride days at your fingertips, it’s the perfect time to rethink how you use Bike Share and expand your horizons to new riding experiences. Not sure what to do? Don’t sweat it because we’ve got you covered and hopefully can inspire you with some creative ways to ride this month. So let’s hit the road together!



Commute Change-Up


In recent years, there has been a huge uptick in people making the conscious choice to live greener lifestyles and redefine their daily habits, this includes the way they commute to the office and around the city. As we make the slow transition back to the office, there is no better time than now to rethink how to spend less time commuting and more time on things that matter.


Commuting is a habit that becomes so routine. It can sometimes even feel like we are on autopilot, not to mention the added stress of delays or disruptions. Using a bike as your ride has so many benefits including saving on gas, reducing our carbon footprint, avoiding traffic, all while getting in your 30 minutes of daily movement. 


How are you currently traveling to work or school? We want to encourage more Torontonians to start greener habits. Try riding one day per week as a start and gradually increase the days or legs of your commute by bike. Warmer weather months is an ideal time to get accustomed to riding and exploring new ways to travel. Visit on your mobile and see what stations are close to your start and destination points and plan your route in advance. Want to learn more about how you can make your return to the office even more rewarding? Check out this article by our friends at Curiocity.  


You’ll be glad you started once you see how fun using Bike Share can be to travel! Happy Riding! 



Docking Your Way to Dinning



If you’re a total foodie who loves expanding your horizons to new tastes, then this message is for you! How lucky are we to live in one of the food-centric capitals of the world, rich in culture and bustling with new dishes waiting to be discovered? Fun fact: Did you know Toronto has approximately 7,500 restaurants and counting? Two wheels not only allows you to see the city from a new vantage point, it also allows you to taste it too! We encourage you to get out and use Bike Share to connect with friends and family and rethink your dining experiences. Whether it’s the bustling scene on King West or homey pubs, cafes and local restaurants in Leslieville (and beyond!), head there on a bike share bike. 



Pedalling for Peace of Mind


Let’s face it, taking breaks throughout the day help keep us level-headed. Workplace culture has started to embrace employees prioritizing well-being as it helps boost productivity, mental clarity, and de-stress the mind. Have you ever thought of changing the way you take a break? We often find ourselves mindlessly scrolling on social media or zoning out just to realize time has flown by. Instead, prioritize getting out to move your body while getting some fresh air into the lungs. So next time you’re off the clock for break time, try something different. Unlock a bike, take a quick cycle around the office (or home) and petal towards peace of mind! 


Leisure Lookout


As a Torontonian, I’m sure you don’t need anyone to tell you how beautiful the cityscapes are or where the latest social spots are popping up. With that said, Bike Share is more than just a way to commute; it’s your one-way ticket to discovering the spots that make this city so unique. Exploring on two wheels offers a fun, new perspective, experiencing the views from the seat of a bike. Toronto is mostly flat, but when you are faced with those hills (we’re looking at you, Yonge St!!), find an e-bike to help you conquer the incline! With over 680 stations, Bike Share is there to help you navigate your way to new experiences and sights this summer. Whether it’s going to sightsee the cherry blossoms in High Park this month to see the cherry blossoms, visiting Corktown Common for a picnic, or enjoying the Waterfront Trail, be sure to expand your horizons and try biking as a means of maximizing summer. 



Date Night on Wheels



Who’s on the dating scene?! We’re here to shake up the traditional way you may plan a date. Look beyond the usual ‘wine and dine’ and get active with your love on two wheels! Dating doesn’t have to be boring and for many, dating someone new can be stressful enough. Take a risk and try something different like going for a bike ride along the waterfront or riding to a restaurant. 



We hope you have been inspired to shake up the way you travel through the city and hop on a Bike Share bike. Explore the various pass options and with any luck, we’ll be welcoming you as an annual member in no time! We want to be a part of your ride, so tag us in your adventures by using #BikeShareTO and hey, you may even be featured on our social media. 


Get riding, Toronto!


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