Everything You Need to Know About the NEW Bike Share Toronto App!


Say hello to your new co-pilot…


Get ready Toronto riders,  you’ve been asking for it and we listened! Bike Share Toronto is thrilled to launch our world-class app designed to elevate your riding experience across the city. We’re talking about unlocking a new level of convenience, and easier ways to navigate your bike share travels. Whether you’re a seasoned commuter or a weekend explorer, this app is about to become your ultimate cycling companion. 

Buckle up (or should we say, helmet on?) and discover how the Bike Share Toronto app is set to transform the way you pedal through the city.


New Trip Planner Feature

This new feature was integrated to improve how you’ll navigate the city streets, getting you to your destination with confidence and ease.  

Setting a Destination: Riders can access trip directions in two intuitive ways: either by selecting a station on the map and clicking “Get Directions,” or by searching for a point of interest and selecting it as a destination. Once on the destinations page, you set your departure point and desired destination. Pro Tip: Make sure your location services are enabled, so you can easily use your current location as a starting point or endpoint.


Planning the Route: The trip planner then generates a purple route typically considering bike paths and lanes with: 

1) a green pin for your starting point 

2) a bike icon indicating the closest bike station to begin your journey 

3) a parking icon representing the station where you’ll dock your bike at the trip’s end 

4) a red pin marking your desired destination


Detailed turn-by-turn directions are available by tapping on the directions section. You can also see the estimated biking time and distance for your route.

Bookmarking Stations


Also new to the app is the ability to bookmark your favourite stations, allowing you to keep a handy list of your most frequented stations. Simply add any station to your list by tapping on a station, pulling up on the station detail panel and tapping the star “save’ icon. Once you save a station, the star will become filled, indicating it as saved. 


To see your list of favourite stations, click the star icon on the homescreen map (bottom right corner) to bring up the list and to see real-time bike and dock availability all in one page. If you want to plan a ride and get directions, you will be able to automatically see a populated suggestion list of your favourite stations already previewed to quickly add as your departure or destination.



How to Get Riding in the App 

Step 1: Starting a Trip: 

Once you have an active pass, begin a ride by clicking on a station and proceeding with the ‘Scan to unlock’ button’. 


Step 2: Scan to Unlock 

Next, your camera will appear. If you haven’t already done so, grant access for the app to access your camera to scan the bike’s QR code. If it’s dark outside, you can use a flashlight or manually input the bike ID number (as seen on diagram) to unlock. Once the bike is successfully unlocked, you’ll hear a ring and a green light will show on the right-hand side of the dock – indicating you can pull out the bike. 


Step 3: Begin Riding

Once your trip begins, you will see a notification at the top saying your trip has started along with a trip timer and the bike number. The station will automatically toggle from showing available bikes to available docks (insert P icon). 


Step 4: Dock to End Your Trip 

Simply dock your bike to end a trip. You will receive another banner notification confirming your bike was successfully docked and your trip has ended. Stations will automatically switch to showing where bikes are available.

New and Improved Rider Profile

Upon logging into your account, you can access your profile by tapping on the icon with the three lines in the top left-hand corner of the map screen. Your profile will pop up with information such as your name, current active pass and the option to edit your profile. 


New in the app is the ability to sync with your Health App and the post ride feature in your profile. The post ride feature allows you to report your bike, view your ridership stats, and share your ride. Your last ride will always be visible as a dashboard panel showing the duration, distance travelled, estimated C02 savings, and calories burned. Click the ‘Ride History’ button to view your lifetime ride history. 


Easily report any issues with your bike by clicking on the “Problems with your ride? Report it here” link. Note this is only possible with your last ride. 


We are super excited to share the Bike Share Toronto app with everyone – so join us and download it now. Enjoy all the new and exciting features that accompany the joys of riding with Bike Share Toronto.


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