How to Prep for Winter Cycling


Ride with Bike Share Toronto year round with our tips for winter cycling


Winter riding can be liberating, magical, yet practical and the Bike Share Toronto team focuses on ensuring the system is ready for our winter warrior riders! Discover how the team gets the fleet ready for a Canadian winter and how you can prep for the cold too!



Bike Share Toronto Winter Biking Tips


Why bike with us in the winter?

Don’t let the snow deter you – winter cycling comes with a unique set of benefits that keep riders on the roads all year long. With a colder season comes the all familiar increase in traffic, stronger carbon footprint, harsh elements and overall, a less active lifestyle. At Bike Share Toronto, we take an all-season approach to biking to combat the woes of winter. So, why should you embrace the cold with us?


  • Beat the traffic
  • Take advantage of a more cost effective transit option
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Avoid corroding your own bike
  • Stay active!


biking in the winter


How does Bike Share Prepare for Winter?


As the temperatures start to drop, we begin adapting our bikes for strong winds, slippery streets and, of course, blankets of snow. We kick off our winter preparation with safety inspections to ensure our bikes are ready to endure the season ahead. After they’ve had any necessary tune-ups and our trusty mechanics give them the clear, we lubricate all chains and seat posts to ward off mud, grime and road salt. This keeps our bikes running smoothly, without any pesky grinding or crunching while battling the elements. Our process is capped off with inflating our tires for a perfect ride.


Bike Share Toronto inflating tires Bike Share Toronto lubing chains



How Can You Prepare for Winter?


Embracing winter on two wheels can be perceived as daunting, but in Toronto we are all-season riders. With a little prep work, you can be too! We have tips to keep you bundled up – head to toe – for ultimate winter riding:


Hats – Just because you are wearing a helmet doesn’t mean your ears have to be chilly! Pick up a headband or toque that fits comfortably under your helmet. Pro Tip: Bring your helmet when hat shopping to make sure it fits just right. 


Gloves – There’s nothing fun about holding handlebars and switching gears when it’s -10 degrees Celsius. Pick-up a comfy set of gloves to keep your hands protected from the elements. Why not mittens you ask? Mittens might provide more warmth but decrease dexterity. Pro Tip: Grab a pack of hand warmers to keep your hands extra toasty. 


Jacket  A waterproof winter jacket is a must. Biking through ice and snow requires a coat that can repel moisture. Pro Tip: Get a neon winter jacket or inexpensive straps to make you more visible to drivers during bad weather. 


Pants – Along with a waterproof jacket, waterproof pants are a must! Splash pants work perfectly to protect your street clothes. Pro Tip: Buy waterproof pants a few sizes bigger to easily slip over your regular pants. 


Shoe Covers – Wet streets call for shoe covers. Don’t destroy your favourite pair of boots by biking, simply cover them up. Pro Tip: Shoe covers don’t have to be an eyesoar. Many retailers sell fashionable shoe covers to keep you looking your best! 


Layer, Layer, Layer –  As a Torontonian, you already know how to layer-up.


Winter station


Whether you are a dedicated winter warrior or a casual cold-braver, we’ve got a pass for you! Discover what pass works for your riding this season here. 


Now get prepping Toronto, winter is coming! 

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