Celebrate #WorldKindnessDay with Bike Share Toronto


Even a small act can go a long way – read on!


It’s #WorldKindnessDay Toronto, and after the last two years, I think we can all agree that we can use a little more kindness. Not just to ourselves and others but also to the world. Join us as we share a few ways you can also pledge to spread a little bit of kindness every day, with the help of a bike!


Be Kind to Yourself


It’s easy to tuck yourself under blankets, skip the gym and overindulge in all our favourite food and drinks (of course, resolving to be healthier next year). But why wait till next year? We encourage you to start now! Try biking to work, biking to run your errands or simply taking a quick ride at lunch to grab a quick bite. Make a goal to elevate your heart rate at least once a day, your body will thank you, and you definitely will feel better post-winter binge.  




Be Kind to the Earth


At Bike Share Toronto, you bet that we do our best to be environmentally-friendly, so we, of course, support biking year-round as a convenient and green mode of transportation. With 625 stations across more than 200 KM 2 of Toronto, that means we can dock a Bike Share bike in many pockets of the city,  so say “good-bye” to idling cars at red lights and sitting in traffic. It doesn’t hurt that being kind to the Earth also means being kind to our wallet (with gas prices inflating, you’re saving a ton!). #Protip, if you’re looking to save even more money, check to see if your office is registered in our Corporate Membership Program to save 20% off your Bike Share Toronto membership.


We know year-round biking may not be on the radar for everyone and that keeping pedalling in cooler months can be a little intimidating. But, we promise that it REALLY isn’t that rough if you’re prepared. We’re happy to share some of our tried, tested and true cool-weather tips:


  • Layers are your best friend. Not only will they keep you warm as you start to ride, but you can also easily regulate your body temperature by removing a layer as you get warmer with more pedal stokes.
  • Plan your route and adjust for weather patterns. Thinking about going down steep Pottery Road hill right after an ice storm? You may want to proceed with caution. The City of Toronto releases a map that shows you the cleared city roads and routes, where you can ride more confidently through the winter months.
  • Be visible! As we lose less light every day, it’s even more essential to have light or bright coloured clothing and reflectors. Not only will it keep you safe, but everyone else as well.






Be Kind to Local Shops and Restaurants


It’s no secret that many beloved stores, restaurants and cafes in Toronto were affected by the last two years. So show some extra #locallove today (and every day, if you can!) when running errands or getting ready for the upcoming holiday season. Every time you purchase something from your local shop or restaurant, there is a little happy dance done (at least we like to think that).




Be kind, Toronto, and bike on.

See you in the bike lane!


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