October Member of the Month

Meet Mary, an Annual 45 member who’s held a membership with us for over 10 years and counting! Now that’s a #BikeShareTO lover! Mary can be found always with a helmet on hand, incase the opportunity to ride with Bike Share comes up. 


Say hi to Mary, 


What station do you consider to be your “home station”? Are there other stations that are key to your use patterns and helping you get around the city?

My home station is Riverdale Park West, but I have several other nearby choices. I use mainly downtown stations but I also enjoy riding to far flung ones and then walking home again. My favourite distant loop was the Highland Creek ride – took the Go train to Guildwood and back from Rouge Hill for that one. 


What would you consider to be the “local gems” or spots you love to frequent in your community using Bike Share

I like riding to Tommy Thompson and walking out the spit. I enjoy commuting to events and not having to worry about my bike. I enjoy cycling to and along the waterfront. 


What do you love the most about using Bike Share and what value do you find in using the system?

I love the many choices of racks, and I like that the bikes are generally in good shape and feel safe and roadworthy. It feels like it’s free once you pay your annual membership. I join because it helps me stay in shape, it saves me money, and it allows me to have fun and to see different parts of the city on my travels. And I hope it reduces road congestion. 


What made you start riding with Bike Share?

I moved downtown and gave up driving. Back then, I was beyond the eastern perimeter of the system (Parliament St.) and we had only one rack available. 


Mary, we love your commitment to sustainable riding and thank you for being a member! 



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-Your Friends at Bike Share Toronto



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