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With so many sights to take in, what better way to explore the unique city of Toronto than on two wheels? Whether you are looking to take a scenic waterfront ride, a historic tour of Old Toronto, snack your way through a cycle or bike to get that perfect selfie, we've got you covered. 


Discover some of our city's most popular routes with Bike Share Toronto. What are you waiting for? Grab a pass, a friend and get exploring with us. 



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We roll out the red carpet for our Annual Members.


With new perks available every month, our members are treated to sweet deals, giveaways, special events and more!


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Every borough, every neighbourhood, every station has hidden Toronto gems just waiting to be discovered. 

Meet Our Members

Put your hands together for Bike Share Toronto's Members of the Month.

October Member of the Month


"Being a member allows me to get my code and go. I love how easy getting a bike is. Bike Share Toronto allows me to get to work within 20 minutes. It adds exercise during my commute and less screen time. Planning my route and finding a drop off rack, allows me to explore my city everyday!"


October, 2019

October, 2019 member of the month
October Member of the Month


"As a long-time Bike Share member, I know that it’s one of the best ways to get around Toronto quickly - all while getting some exercise too. The recent network expansion of bikes and docks shows that Bike Share is committed to offering Torontonians more transportation options. I am able to make all the trips needed for my busy life. Everything from getting to work, heading to dodgeball and cycling to the library where I help new Canadians practice their English. Bike Share gives me a level of mobility and flexibility that’s simply unbeatable.  Recently, I got selected to ride with some members of the Toronto Wolf Pack rugby team. The waterfront Bike Share trip with them was a definite highlight of the summer so far."


September, 2019

Member of the Month - September
October Member of the Month


"Believe it or not, I actually began using BikeShareTO in the middle of winter! With stations within 200m of both home and work, not only was it super-convenient, but also usually faster than the 4K ride (and a transfer) on the TTC. When I'm not riding to or from work, I use the Transit or CycleFinder app to locate the nearest available docking station to my destination. The one-way riding option is the thing I like best about the Bike Share program, but even when I'm riding both ways, it's nice not to have to worry about locking up my bike."


August, 2019

Lesley Member of the Month - August, 2019
October Member of the Month


"I love that Bike Share offers me mobility on demand. Also, since I’m fairly new to cycling in Toronto, I like the freedom of being able to cycle for a short distance and not have to commit to doing my entire trip on a bicycle, or try wrangling my bike on the subway. Just dock it and go. Now that the weather is nice, it’s fun to explore other options for getting around instead of always being stuck on a bus, streetcar or subway. Having a Bike Share membership has opened up the city to me and has changed the way I think about getting around! Becoming a Bike Share member has changed me from someone who cycled maybe once or twice a year to someone who cycles almost every day. I’ve never felt so free!"


July, 2019

Member of the Month - July, 2019
October Member of the Month

Eugene Ripper

"No doubt about it, Bike Share has transformed my way of life in downtown Toronto. It beats or competes with any other form of transport – affordable, green and point-to-point. I feel empowered by smart technology, good rubber, got your back visibility and enough in the gears to get around town on time and in style. And for sure, I do get around. Not the least of which is gigging as Eugene Ripper - punk folk pioneer and guitarist for first wave punk rockers Stark Naked & The Fleshtones. So yeah, I’m all in – rocking and rolling. Just give me a release code, a gig bag and the open road and I’m good to go: Sat June 08 at the Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick - bike dock right across the street ! Sat. June 29 at Toronto Island Marina - bike dock at the ferry terminal!"


June, 2019

June, 2019 member of the month
October Member of the Month


"My husband and I moved downtown in 2012, partly because we were growing tired of riding up the escarpment to reach home (we’re both seniors!).  Soon after we moved to Cabbagetown, we both joined Bike Share Toronto. Why? First of all, we appreciate the convenience of racks all over downtown, close to most places we visit (e.g. shopping, meetings,  the Y, concerts, work, even a wedding). Secondly, using a bike share gives us the freedom to return from a different place, or walk home if we prefer. Finally, we appreciate the reliability of the bikes and the availability at most racks. When we ride bikes we feel fitter and healthier. We arrive at our destinations alert and refreshed."  

May, 2019

member of the month - may
October Member of the Month


"As one of Toronto’s top riders for 2 years in a row, I really believe in the potential of the Bike Share system. I started cycling in the city 6 years ago as a student and continue till this day, now as a full time performing artist. You can catch me biking any time, day or night and throughout all 4 seasons. I enjoy the curious looks I get from strangers as I roll through the busy streets – especially the shocked faces in the winter. Who knew people could bike through the heavy snow while looking cute? All I need are some headphones, good tunes and I am on my way to seize the day. You can follow my journey on all social media @UsmanKhanTV."

April, 2019

October Member of the Month


Originally, I was going to use the Bike Share program only in the winter months to save my own bike from the perils of our harsh winter weather. But after my bike had two flat tires in as many weeks, I decided to sign up tout de suite and switch to riding Bike Share bikes full-time. It’s been a year and a half, and I rarely use my own bike now. The ease of use and numerous stations in the downtown core have made Bike Share part of my daily routine. I use it to go to work, to the gym, to get groceries, to meet friends—even to attend the opera and the ballet. You might see me whizzing by in a tuxedo! Bike Share just seems to suit my transportation needs perfectly. It’s a no-brainer!"

March, 2019

Member of the Month - Peter
October Member of the Month


"With two young kids at home, it’s hard to find the time to exercise. Bike Share not only helps me ensure that I integrate exercise into my everyday activities, but it is also a reliable way to navigate the city and get to work on time! I use Bike Share mostly in the winter and spring, when it’s cold and snowy outside. I put my bike away so that it doesn’t get rusted. I often pick one up at the rail path and drop it off at the end of the path. I'm free of cars, I get some fresh air, and I don’t have to worry about the weather conditions ruining my own bike.  It’s a pretty sweet part of my day.”

February, 2019

Rayne Member of the Month
October Member of the Month


"We are always looking for an adventure and a new area to explore together in Toronto. Having a #BikeShareTO membership makes commuting and accessibility super easy and fun. In our opinion,  the best way to see the city is with Bike Share!" 

January, 2019

Brett Member of the Month
October Member of the Month


"I’m a big fan of Bike Share Toronto. I use it for commuting, hauling groceries, and even going out at night. As a startup co-founder training for an Ironman 70.3, I try to save time and get fresh air whenever I can. Bike Share Toronto is the best mobility option for my lifestyle. Plus, I've saved $800 compared to my normal commute!"

December, 2018

December 2018 Member of the Month
October Member of the Month


"Ever since I started using Bike Share Toronto, my perspective on living in Toronto has changed. I noticed that I am now really able to experience my hometown: from festivals & the arts, to visiting friends, exercising, helping the environment, and enjoying the beauty of my hometown. As a fitness model, personal trainer and travel professional, I’ve used Bike Share Toronto to get to castings, clients, the travel clinic (for big trips and retreats abroad) and flights (via Billy Bishop Airport)”

November, 2018

November Member of the Month
October Member of the Month

Toronto Wolfpack 

“As professional athletes, our time is very precious so it is great to have such a quick and efficient method of travel around the city. We use the bikes on a daily basis and we find they provide us with a terrific way to wind down after training. They also give us an opportunity to meet the locals as we regularly get stopped on the street and asked about Toronto Wolfpack and our games.”

October, 2018

October Member of the Month


“What do I like about #BikeShareTO? Absolutely everything. I bought the annual membership knowing that I will only be able to use it for 4 months (I am leaving to travel for a year) and I still feel it was so worth it. I no longer have to take the TTC. It saves me money as well as time. I recommend it to all my friends and family. I can not imagine living in Toronto or visiting Toronto without using it – it is the best way to get around in the city!”

September, 2018

Bike Share Toronto Member spotlight, Jennifer

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What's Going On?

From music festivals to farmers markets, the Bike Share Toronto team is always out and about in our city helping you bike to and from the best events in town. Discover where our team will be next to plan your route with Bike Share Toronto. 


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