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September, 2020

Member of the Month

September, 2020


September Bike Share Toronto member of the month


“People tend to describe me as the busiest person they know. Every day I am travelling from one end of the city to the next with meetings, appointments, and beyond. As an entrepreneur I would not be able to run my business as efficiently and cost effectively as I am without Bike Share Toronto. The convenience of being able to grab a bike virtually anywhere in the city, get to where I need to go, and drop it off without worrying about any of the hassles that come with having your own bike is the best part of this service. Since signing up for my membership I have raved about Bike Share to so many of my friends and contacts that have since also signed up for the yearly membership. We even go for group rides down by the lake some nights, and it is the best way to continue to socialize at a social distance! Thank you Bike Share for keeping me on schedule, active, and social this summer!”


– Lily