Get moving year-round with Bike Share Toronto’s favourite winter trails. 



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As Toronto enters the Winter season – while still being in a region-wide lockdown – finding ways to stay active while maintaining a safe distance from others can be challenging. Although the TV may be calling your name, get outside and get moving with Bike Share Toronto this season! Exploring the city on two wheels is a convenient, affordable and safe way to have fun, get exercise and enjoy the city through the colder months. Whether it be a few laps in High Park, sightseeing by the lake, or cruising nearby trail, there’s certainly no shortage of bike paths to ride this winter. 


The City of Toronto has identified their commitment to clearing select winter trails in the city. Here are some routes that we will be riding to stay active this winter;



High Park Trail


Nestled in the City’s West End, High Park boasts itself as a getaway without leaving the city. With numerous hills ranging from the notorious Colbourne Lodge climb to the mild ups and downs on West Road, High Park will give you a great balance of fun and challenge. 


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High Park is also home to our monthly station spotlight. Located right at the north entrance of the park, near Bloor St and High Park Ave, biking in this area is guaranteed fun and a challenge. 



Martin Goodman Trail – Parkside Dr to Bathurst St


We all love the iconic waterfront Martin Goodman Trail. We even highlighted it last month in our Popular Routes blog! But this time of year, the best place to use the trail and get a work out, is on the stretch between Parkside Dr and Bathurst St. Parallel to Lake Shore Blvd, the largest and steepest hill on the trail is located between The Boulevard Club and the edge of Marilyn Bell Park Tennis Court. If you’ve biked along here before, you know how challenging this stretch can be going uphill, and how fun it can be going downhill. Lucky for you, we’ve got Bike Share stations located on both sides of the slope. These stations can act as a brief rest point for you to stretch, or you can dock your bike before reaching a 30-minute journey time – a necessary stop to make sure your outdoor workout doesn’t cost you overage fees!



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Looking at the eastern part of this path, the trail finds itself in a plateau that may seem easy at first, but is a true test of endurance. With the occasional gust of wind providing resistance, you may find that this stretch keeps you challenged, yet optimistic as you take in the surroundings of the cityscape and lake view in both directions. The Martin Goodmail Trail is also highlighted in the City of Toronto’s prioritized paths for snow removal, which means that you will have an elevated sense of safety regardless of when you choose to get out and get that workout in.


Sherbourne St Raised Bike Lanes 


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The raised and separated bike lanes on Sherbourne St provide a great north-south connection through East Downtown. Going southbound, you may find that the path has been perfectly integrated into a combining effort of street and sidewalk. The slight decline allows you to cruise as you ride south. So much so that you don’t have to pedal to gain a fast momentum. Heading northbound is a different story, and this is where you will get that workout, facing a slight uphill challenge while heading towards Bloor and beyond. The Sherbourne separated bike lanes provide connections at these other downtown bike thoroughfares:





For a full list of bike routes that will be maintained throughout the winter, see the map below or reference the City of Toronto’s Cycling Routes Snow Removal page.