Download the PBSC app for full access to the Bike Share Toronto system


Ride with the official app of Bike Share Toronto. Track station inventory, unlock bikes and more!


Access Bike Share Toronto on-the-go with the PBSC app. Whether you're a member or pass holder, discover station locations, track bike inventory, locate available docks and unlock bikes in real time. Ride Toronto using your smartphone with the PBSC app.

Bike Share Toronto app features
Bike Share Toronto passes app


Select sign-up to purchase a pass from your smartphone or sign-in to your Bike Share Toronto account to access your annual membership. Purchased a pass from a station? Connect your pass to the app by selecting "I created an account at a station" and entering your billing information used to purchase your pass.


With 625 stations spanning 200 km² of the city, you can access Bike Share Toronto's system map on-the-go. Discover stations in your neighbourhood, track bike and station availability for convenient trips. 

Bike Share Toronto app map
Unlock via the app



Unlock a bike one of two ways using the app.


1. Tap the QR Code icon on the system map to launch your smartphone's camera. Scan your bike's barcode located between the handlebars to unlock.


2. Select a station on the system map and tap "Unlock Bike" to receive a 5-digit code. Enter your code into a dock's pin pad with an available bike to unlock.



  • Access system map
  • Real-time bike and station availability
  • Purchase passes
  • Easy bike unlock via QR code scan
  • Track your favourite stations
  • Time your rides
  • Request time credits at full stations
  • Manage your account