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Free Ride Wednesdays 

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Thanks to our partners at CAA South Central Ontario, Toronto will enjoy Free Ride Wednesdays, Brought To You By CAA, for the month of July! Take advantage of $0 One Day Passes every Wednesday to enjoy unlimited 30-minute, station-to-station trips for 24 consecutive hours.


Free Ride Wednesdays is available to all, whether you’re a CAA Member or not. Whether you're commuting to work, running errands or exploring the city, navigate Toronto by bike with Free Ride Wednesdays. Visit a station kiosk or download the PBSC app on Wednesdays this July to get riding for FREE.


"CAA has a strong history of supporting cycling and road safety in communities," said Rhonda English, Chief Marketing Officer, CAA South Central Ontario. "We are always looking for meaningful ways to give back to our members and their communities.  Our support of Bike Share Toronto is a great example of that and provides an opportunity for Torontonians to explore and utilize the city's cycling infrastructure."


“From CAA Bike Assist to our Watch for Bikes program, CAA has been protecting and advocating for cyclists across Ontario since 1998.”

Read more about how CAA is passionate about protecting and advocating for cyclists! 

Get Started

1) Download the PBSC app for a contactless experience or go to one of our stations on a Wednesday in July.


2) On the app, select Buy a Plan then $0 One-Day Pass and follow the on-screen instructions. OR at the kiosk select Buy a Pass and follow the touch screen flow.


3) Once you've purchased a pass, unlock a bike with the PBSC app's easy QR code unlock feature or enter your 5-digit ride code on any dock of an available bike.


4) Enjoy unlimited 30 minute station-to-station trips while your Day Pass is still active (24h period). For every trip exceeding 30 minutes, overage fees will accumulate at $4 per additional 30 minutes of trip time.


5) Return your bike to any station to end your trip. Unlock another bike to continue riding via the PBSC app by selecting I Have a Pass at a kiosk station, then insert your credit card to identify your account and receive a new code. Take as many FREE 30 minute station-to-station trips you like while your pass is still active.


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Are you a CAA Member? Take advantage of a Bike Share Toronto Exclusive Offer for CAA Members. Get outside and get riding! Learn more.